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Meet your Coach

I am Pamela Juhl, a Certified Business English Coach from Worldwide Teachers Development Institute of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Boston, USA.

I assist senior business professionals to communicate more effectively in English with their international colleagues and clients. 

Before becoming a language coach, I spent more than 10 years in the corporate world of real estate in New York City.

I developed a unique approach to teaching effective communication in business English which focuses on working with what you know and improving your communication patterns, skills and strategies.

The goal is to improve your business English communication and to increase your level of confidence and fluency to help you achieve your career goals.

I am highly professional and I teach from my client's value system. I am honest, open, reliable, and competent. I enjoy inspiring others and helping them to achieve their goals. I am highly empathetic and my years of growing up in NYC and traveling abroad have contributed to my understanding of intercultural communication and collaboration.

I am Pamela Juhl, a Certified Business English Coach from Worldwide Teachers Development Institute of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Boston, USA.

About Us

Online Business 


The new norm.

Learn how to optimize your company's position in the digital business world? Learn how to apply business English communication strategies to successfully increase time management, workflow, agendas, and meetings with international colleagues and clients?

Rethink your business English communication strategy.

What we offer

  • Conduct successful online meetings & presentations
  • Get your message across
  • Write effective documents
  • Make convincing arguments
  • Explain graphs & reports
  • Actively participate in online meetings with confidence and fluency
  • Negotiate with ease
  • Discuss, debate, and clarify your position, thoughts, and ideas
  • Make sure everyone is "on the same page"
  • Personalized programmes to cater to your needs and goals


SUSANNE - Filminstruktør - Underviser

Pamela has a wonderful teaching ability

and is able to work with people of all ages. She possesses an ability to teach

advanced topics, and she has excellent written and verbal communication

skills. Pamela is extremely organized, reliable and computer literate.

SONA - HR Director - UNICEF

Pamela has a very positive approach to her work and demonstrates high level of initiative. She is proactive in her problem-solving skills and produces work of high quality. She always conducts herself in a professional manner and is respected and valued by colleagues within the HR Centre.

CRAIG - Stratman-DK ApS

Pamela shows invaluable qualities for any work that involves assisting or understanding people. This has made her into a significant resource for the work I do. She is an honest, hard working professional.

DAVID - Telecommunications

Pamela is one of the most passionate persons I have ever met, personally, and, of course, this also shows in the quality of her work. She loves what she does and it shows!

English Courses - Individual or Group

Individual Online Courses

This course is for business professionals who have a basic understanding of English, and would like to advance their level of communication for their careers. It is designed to fit your busy work schedule and needs. You will learn how to communicate confidently, with accuracy and ease.

Focus is also on the daily demands and hands-on evaluation, correction and preparation for real-time meetings, negotiations, presentations and conferences.

Program Focus

  • Reach your competitive goals and achieve them in English
  • Express your ideas in English
  • Improve your bottomline
  • Focus on clear communication to achieve target
  • Influence people and achieve professional results in English
  • Increase your communication in vocabulary, speaking, reading & writing 
  • Develop a standard of English within your own career and teams
  • Communicate with international partners and clients with confidence
  • Meet work demands in English with accuracy
  • Establish the right small talk to develop long lasting relations with partners and clients
  • Invest in the right communication skills, strategies and development for today's competing markets
  • Correct old communication habits that don't work
  • Now-time sensitive English issues that need to be overcome.

Group Online Courses

This course is designed for groups that need to communicate and work together on projects but are struggling to communicate in English. The focus is on clarity, confidence, vocabulary, pronunciation, adapting your language to your audience, avoiding miscommunication, and improving delivery, negotiation, and meeting results.

This course covers project needs and industry specific English required to complete projecets efficiently and successfully.

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11:00 - 20:00

Communicating across Generations in today's Digital World

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